South Georgia Gems: Mark’s Melon Patch In Summer


A visit to Mark’s Melon Patch in summer is nearly always a good idea – it’s family friendly, wholesome, and a perfect match for our new series called South Georgia Gems. The farm and produce stand just outside Sasser, GA features plenty of fresh produce, fresh air, and a welcoming environment.

That’s what we’re focusing on in South Georgia Gems: some of the smaller local places that have become cornerstones of their respective areas.

When you first arrive to Mark’s Melon Patch, you have likely already noticed the large wooden signs showcasing watermelons and boiled peanuts along the drive, which is about a 15 minute car ride from the Albany Mall.

Then, pulling into the dirt and gravel parking lot, the farm-style atmosphere of the place sets in. Antique International Harvester and John Deere tractors flank the entrance from the highway, sporting their bright red and green metal hues along a wooden fence.

The property is sprawling, with acres and acres of fields behind the main open-air produce stand. These fields are always in use, and visitors can take the most advantage of them in the fall, when hay rides and corn maze exploring are available.

But in the summer, it’s all about produce, peach ice cream, and berry picking. Mark’s Melon Patch has pick-your-own strawberry fields for people to utilize and buy the berries when they are in season.

Back at the main open-air produce stand is a good place to enjoy the shade while in the South Georgia heat. This is where the variety of produce and products are all on display. Everything from fresh peppers, watermelons, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and more are ready to purchase.

You can also pick up a large cup of fresh, hot boiled peanuts to enjoy and take home with you, along with dozens and dozens of unique jams and jellies you’ve never heard of, and canned and pickled vegetables.

On a recent trip, I made sure to order peach ice cream in a waffle cone, which is delivered with a generously heavy amount. I wasn’t complaining about the size, and the cool soft serve was welcome on that hot day.

This place is a South Georgia Gem, and I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Mark’s Melon Patch in summer. If you have been to the patch, what do you enjoy most about it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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